5 amazing spots:
at the foot of Jaworzyna and near the Krynica promenade
8 different apartments in Krynica Zdrój
both for the active and nature lovers
Countless unforgettable memories!
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Go2Krynica is not only about the apartments for rent in Krynica Zdrój. Why don’t you get to know us a bit better:

Go2Krynica is a family business which presents to you 7 comfortable apartments in four different locations. We personally took care of every detail because we understand how important it is to relax in a place where nothing is lacking. We also love travelling and checking out new places!

Go2Krynica for us is a source of inspiration and eco lifestyle. The GAWRA apartment is the reflection of our life philosophy. It’s decorated in an eco-folk style and has some elements inseparably connected with the nature and tradition of this place. Inside you will find several unique animal graphics and fragments of Lemko embroidery.

Go2Krynica is also the idea of "Respect, Protect, Enjoy"nature. We’re trying to promote it in our various projects, for example by creating unique eco Go2Krynica T-shirts. Learn more! 

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33-380 Krynica-Zdrój
ul. Czarny Potok 23/65
+48 18 472 33 46
+48 732 190 749

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